3 Easy and Healthy Snacks for the Beach

March 16, 2015

Packing the right snacks for the beach is as important your swimsuit coverups. And don’t forget the drinks. Take plenty of water. If you can, put the bottles in the freezer overnight so they’ll stay cool for a little while. Here are some easy healthy snacks you can take with you to your favorite beach spot.
Celery and Dip

Celery is a great healthy alternative to chips, giving the same more-ish crunch without the high levels of salt. However, it does have the potential be a little boring on its own, so choose a dip to go with the satisfying sticks. Preferably a low-fat option, there are plenty to choose from including onion, herb or low-fat cottage cheese. Remember to keep this snack safe in the cool box as, the dip needs to stay at a low temperature to keep its best flavor and safety.

California Vegetable Rolls

The shape of these healthy rolls are ideal for eating at the beach, all in one and tightly rolled to avoid the pesky problem of getting sand in your food! The contents of these versatile snacks are up to you from lettuce to tomatoes to avocado, with the real key ingredient being large non-sticky tortillas in which to wrap everything securely up. They’ll be right at home in the cool, tasting just as good chilled as they do at room temperature.

Trail Mix

Making up your own variety of trail mix can be a great option when you don’t want to sit down for a full lunch and would rather snack on something relatively healthy throughout the day. There are plenty of ingredients to ponder from nuts to raisins to dried cranberries to crackers. An important factor to remember when making up your trail mix is not to make it too salty, as you may have limited drink supplies and the salt in the ocean while you take a dip is certainly more than enough for the entire day!

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