5 Simple hairstyles you can wear to the beach

March 19, 2015

You have brought your luxury designer swimwear from your favorite swimwear boutique, then you’re ready to go – right?

Not quite. What will you do with your hair when you are chilling out on the beach and popping into beach-side cafes for an ice cream? You could just tie it up in a loose pony tail but does it go with the look of your new beachwear? You don’t want your hair to let you down after spending so much time picking out the perfect swimwear for your shape.

Here are five hairstyles you can wear at the beach. They’re easy to do so you can look fantastic in a matter of minutes. Whatever your beach style, whether you are going for a posh and sophisticated look or a tussled relaxed vibe, then we have something on this list for you.

1. The high bun

If you have long locks then pull all your hair to the top of your head and shape it into a bun. If you aren’t too great with hair styling then you can buy something called a doughnut that will help you easily achieve a perfect bun.

You can choose to wear the bun tight and neat to go with a classy one piece swimsuit. Or you could mess it up on top of your head to give yourself the tousled look to match your vintage style bikini.  You can also find some fashionable accessories to accompany the bun, such as a bandanna, a scrunchy or a bow. This hairstyle will keep your hair off of your face while you enjoy the sunny beach.

2. French plaits

    French plaits are great because when you do them tight enough they stay intact even after being in the water. You could have two either side of your face, or just one plait loosely tied at the back. If you struggle with tangles then this hairstyle is perfect as it stays tangle free even when you have been in and out of the water. Accessorize this hairstyle with clips, flowers and pretty bows to match your new sexy designer swimwear.

    3. The simple ponytail

    If you don’t feel like getting too fancy with your hairstyle then tie it back in a high ponytail. You could brush it so that it is sleek and neat, or you can mess it up to give yourself that fresh off the beach look. One great way to make the ponytail a little more interesting is to pull it to the side. There is something about a side ponytail that works perfectly on the beach; maybe it is the fact that you can sunbathe on your back without the uncomfortable lump in the back of your head.

    4. Leave it loose

    The simplest of all the hairstyles is probably this one- leave it loose. The salt water from the sea will add volume to your hair and will leave it wavy and full. This carefree beach style is also a good way to give your hair a break from hair products and heat. Whatever your hair length or style, messy and free beach waves is  the perfect look  for a day by the sea.  You can also add clips and bandannas to keep things interesting, and the hair away from your face.

    5. Braid it!

    If you have the skill, or know someone who does, then braid your fringe to keep it back. You can then tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail or leave it loose and free. This hairstyle is perfect for a bohemian look to accompany your new designer bikini swimwear. You can also accessorize this hairstyle with flowers, pretty clips and even head jewelry. When you are on holiday there will always be a street seller offering to braid your hair for a small fee. If you want to keep your hair out of the way for your whole holiday then do consider this. It is also a great way to protect your hair from heat and product too. Just remember that your scalp will be exposed when you do this so get a sunscreen scalp spray.  

    If you’re not sure how to create these beach hairstyles, look online for tutorials. YouTube has great video instructions.

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