Essentials for a day by the pool

March 23, 2015

Deciding to spend a day by the pool can seem like the perfect way to unwind and release the stress of a busy working week. However, the calm and tranquil nature of a day by the cool pool waters can quickly turn to annoyance and inconvenience if you are not equipped with all the essential items that make a day of poolside lounging the perfect experience. From the right clothing choices to some forgotten essentials that can easily be overlooked, from swimwear to reading material to health products, here are a handful of reminders of what you need to have the most perfect day by the pool possible.

The Perfect Swimsuit

Choosing the right swimsuit for yourself can give you much needed comfort for the entire day and can also provide a much needed confidence boost. With so much ladies designer swimwear available, there really is something for every shape and size. Whether your preference is for bandeau swimsuit top or a more adventurous triangle swimsuit top, finding the swimwear that suits your figure and personality is incredibly important, as it puts your mind in a more positive place and will allow you to enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious. Who knows, your perfect poolside look may even attract a few admirers!


Whether you've chosen a bikini with a moderate coverage bottom or bought something special from the designer swimwear boutique, it is absolutely vital for your body that you accompany these swimsuit fashion choices with the healthy inclusion of sunscreen. A worrying trend seems to be that people apply sunscreen at the beginning of their pool day believing that a one-time application will be enough for entire duration. The reality is that you must continue to keep your skin safe by reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. Some people avoid doing this because they feel they will not tan, but is it always better to be on the safe side when it comes to the health and protection of your skin. Make sure you always have a bottle tucked away in your pool bag; there is nothing more painful than trying to relax on a lounger with a back full of sunburn.

A Good Book

A poolside essential that often gets overlooked or forgotten, a great page-turner of a novel is an absolute must have for a lazy afternoon by the water. Whilst a whole day of low activity sounds very appealing, hours of sunbathing may just begin to drag and there is nothing better than an engrossing story to help the minutes pass more pleasurably. With literally millions of books to choose from, there will always be something that takes your interest. Looking through the list of the summer’s best sellers is always a great indicator of books that would make for perfect poolside companions. Alternatively, there are always a plethora of magazines for those who want something a little lighter to browse through.


Perfect Playlist

For those who prefer audio pleasure to literature, the perfect playlist can enhance the mood of your day by the pool. Whether accompanied by portable speakers or just for personal use via your phone or MP3 player, a carefully considered list of your favorite songs can completely enhance the experience of the day. It really is amazing how music and sunshine can interact with each other to brighten even the lowest of moods, and listening to songs you love whilst bathing in glorious sunshine is a wonderful way to spend the day.


Sunglasses are absolutely vital for those who want to make the most of their time sunbathing but also want to read a book or flick through a magazine. Though the sun feels great on your skin, the fierce brightness without eye protection can cause headache inducing squinting as well as posing a threat to your eye health if exposed for long periods of time. Also, in terms of fashion, finding the perfect pair of designer sunglasses to suit your personality can be just as important as finding the right swimwear. With a multitude of frames and colored tints, it is really worth taking your time waiting for the perfect pair to jump out at you. A great set of sunglasses can provide you with years of fashionable comfort by the poolside.

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