Stylish Ways to Cover Up In the Sun

March 28, 2015

Once you’ve treated yourself to a new luxury designer swimwear, one of the most glorious and satisfying activities to undertake on a rare day off or over a weekend is, when the weather allows, getting out into the open air and spending a wonderful and relaxing day under the warmth of the sun. Spending time in the sun can come in a variety of different ways, whether you are heading to the nearest beach, lounging by the pool, picnicking in the park or even hiking in the mountains, but one thing that must always be remembered is that is important to cover up at certain times.

Whilst skin health concerns are obviously at the forefront of our minds when it comes to covering ourselves from the sun, there are also a number of fashion choices that can be made with regards to accessories and clothing that can provide that little bit of necessary coverage for a more comfortable day. Here are a handful of stylish ways to cover up in the sun

Poncho Style Cover Up

Poncho style cover ups are a great way to cover up by the pool or at the beach without having to sacrifice your style. They are free and flowing enough to keep you cool on a hot day but still fitted enough to provide you with a fashionable contoured shape. With enough patterns and designs to suit even the fussiest of fashionistas, poncho cover ups are also a great choice for anybody who might feel self conscious about their upper arms in a swimsuit as the generous sleeves provide coverage without clinging.

Sun Hat

Our faces are usually a part of our bodies that are exposed to the sun on a more regular basis, and it is important to give yourself some personal shade throughout the day. Investing in a large floppy sun hat can give you the coverage you need whilst at the same time adding a certain classic elegance to your beach or poolside style. Large sun hats are certainly back on trend, and bring to mind the classic style of fifties Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn. They also do a fantastic job of protecting your hair from the constant heat of the sun, which can cause frizz, split ends and sometimes unwanted color change.



It is important to remember that you should be thinking about coverage for your eyes as well as your skin. An entire day out in the sun with no sunglasses can result in a day of squinting that can cause potential UV damage to the eyes and debilitating headaches, which are absolutely the last thing you want to experience on what is supposed to be an enjoyable day in the sun. This can be easily remedied with the purchase of a pair of stylish and sturdy sunglasses. The designer sunglasses market has never been bigger, and there are frames to suit any taste and personality from small to big to dark and to tinted.



A sarong is a wonderfully versatile fashion accessory that is perfect for different types of coverage whist poolside or at the beach. A sarong is very versatile and can coordinate with beachwear for women with a sense of style. Much like the poncho cover up, the material is light and sheer so that you are not too warm with layers under the sun. The sarong differs, however, in the fact that is can be worn both as a skirt of a longer full length dress, therefore catering to several different body parts that a person might feel self conscious about whilst still looking stylish and fashionable. If they are good enough to David and Victoria Beckham, they are certainly good enough for us.

Beach Dress


Beach dresses have enjoyed something of a style renaissance in designer swimwear for women over the past few seasons, with many designers reaching for inspiration from the past and producing ranges of more demure designer swimwear than has been the fashion in recent times. Tiny bikinis have been sidelined in favor of beautiful and elegant beach dresses, and these new creations offer a far greater deal of coverage than their predecessors. Again, this re-emerging trend not only offers more protection from the all day sun, but also gives those with a more self conscious nature a change to cover any body problem areas whilst still remaining current and on trend.

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