5 Myths about Tanning Debunked

April 10, 2015

The cultural trends that surround the tanning of our skin seem to change with each new generation. Where it was once the fashion to sport pale, fair skin, contemporary society seems to favor a sun kissed, brown tan as the look of choice. The controversies and myths surrounding tanning have always been a grey area in terms of health, and what is and what isn't the correct way to go about browning our skin to best show off our designer swimwear for women.

What one person says almost always differs to another person’s opinion about what is safe and what you must do to protect yourself from the UV dangers of the sun, whilst at the same time trying to achieve that golden look that is so very desirable. It can be a confusing mixture of ‘do’s and don’ts’, and with your skin being one of the most sensitive and exposed parts of our body, it is important to know the facts. Here are five of the most common myths about tanning and the truth behind them.

Wearing A Hat Means I Don’t Have To Wear Sunscreen On My Face

This appears to be a common misconception among sunbathers. Whilst it is obvious that wearing a sun hat will certainly provide you with protection, this is only true to a certain extent. This can be effective in a garden setting where UV radiation can be absorbed by leaves and greenery, on a beach this is not the case. The radiation is much more concentrated towards your body, and therefore it is vital to add extra protection to your face, lips, nose, neck and ears by applying sunscreen. These vulnerable areas on the face are all prone to types of skin cancer, so it is best to be cautious. Plus a beautiful hat can be the perfect accessory to a carefully chosen stylish one piece swimsuits.

My Skin Never Gets Burned So I Can’t Have Any Skin Damage

Whilst it is true that some people are less prone to burning from UV exposure, this leads to a false sense of security regarding skin health. Strong UV rays can absolutely cause deep damage that is not necessarily accompanied by sunburn. Though individuals who have a darker skin complexion do have a slightly reduced risk factor, it is still important to provide extra security with regular sunscreen applications, as well as checking the appearance of any moles that are exposed to sunlight.

Sun beds Are Much Safer To Use For Tanning Than Natural Sun

Though there is a lesser risk of physical burning, sun beds still expose people to UV rays, and it is these rays that have the potential to cause skin cancer. Tanning salons are becoming increasingly popular with many thinking that they provide a golden brown look without the health risks, but the UV rays used during the process are, in truth, just as damaging as the rays from the sun.

You Only Need To Wear Sunscreen When On Holiday In The Summer

This is simply not true. Though of course the climate is at its hottest during the summer months and in the warmer countries that we visit, your skin is effectively accumulating damage every time you go outside and spend time in the sun. The weather has the potential to turn positive at any time throughout the year, so don’t just think that because the sun is out in March that you do not need to apply sunscreen the same way you would in August. UVB rays are prominent in the summer, but UVA rays are present throughout the year and can be equally as damaging to your skin if allowed to penetrate without protection.

I Have Already Got Tanned Skin So I Won’t Burn In The Sun

Whilst it is true that a pre-existing suntan does give a slight degree of protection from future burning, it also indicates that the skin has already experienced some damage. A tan develops when a brown pigment called melanin is produced by the skin to protect from further UV damage. Yes, a tan does mean that your body is naturally fighting further UV absorption, but more importantly it means that you have received some skin damage to produce the melanin in the first place. You must always use sunscreen, even if your tan is already golden brown.

A ladies designer swimwear will always look better on a bronzed body – but only if that tan has been achieved safely! Be sure to stock up on sunscreen when you buy your swimsuits cover ups.

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