A Window into Belize

May 27, 2015

Belize is a country that is located on the Eastern Coast of Central America. It has a rich history and many languages and cultures that reflect upon the diverse society that is present in Belize. It is the birthplace of punta music and chewing gum, and is popular throughout the world for its September celebrations. It offers the ideal Caribbean vacation to tourists in sexy designer swimwear and designer beachwear for women all around the world, since travelers can come and have a unique life experience in this wonderful country.

The Adventures and Culture of Belize
The range of adventures that you can have in Belize is simply astounding, starting from the rainforests to the sea, and to the mysterious Maya world. The people in Belize are extremely fun loving and friendly as well, and English is the primary language spoke in Belize. It is very convenient to explore Belize and there are a vast array of adventures and activities that you can partake in whilst your stay.
It has got large barrier reefs, which offer the ultimate opportunity for exploring amazing underwater life through snorkeling and scuba diving in designer beachwear and especially beautiful Colombian bathing suits. You can also check out the many archeological artifacts and sites of the ancient Mayan civilization. There are plenty of hiking and trekking opportunities available as well, while there is no shortage of heart-pumping adventures such as deep caving, and rafting

Climate and People in Belize
The climate in Belize is tropical and there are pronounced dry and wet seasons, while the average rainfall can vary from 53.1 inches in the north to 177.2 inches in the extreme south. Belize is also a country that has got numerous languages, ethnic groups, and cultures due to immigration, colonization and slavery. The total population of the country is around 350,000, while there are a multitude of different religions that are allowed to practice in complete freedom in Belize.
Belizean cuisine is quite similar to Jamaican/Anglo-Caribbean and Mexican/Central American cuisine. There are a vast variety of cuisines that make up Belizean cuisine and maize, beans squash and seafood are mainly a part of their cuisine. The food is nonetheless absolutely delicious and is a must try for everyone that is visiting Belize.


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