Top 5 Caribbean Spas to Relax This Summer

July 15, 2015

Working 40 hours a week and traveling for long periods of time can create lots of tension in your body. This can lead to many sleepless nights, headaches, and other problems. Rather than succumbing to the stress, take a trip to the Caribbean for your next vacation, and stop by to relax at one of their top five spas in the region. A spa visit can help you to relieve unwanted stress, reduce anxiety levels and encourage better relaxation

Indulge Spa at Galley Bay Resort
One great spa to visit for a relaxing retreat is the Indulge Spa at Galley Bay Resort in Antigua. You will enjoy the elevated, open air treatment rooms and looking out at the amazing 40-acre wildlife sanctuary. The natural sounds from the water and birds are sure to give you an out of body experience in this tropical paradise. Afterwards, you can put on your Saha swimwear 2015 or Colombian bathing suits for a relaxing massage on the beach.

Indulge Spa

Spa Esencia
Spa Esencia is located at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad. Here you can enjoy a Mud Mas Body Wrap to help you recuperate from a long day outdoors. The mud will help to sooth your body; the wrap will help detox your insides; and the sweet smell will invigorate your senses. Once you leave the spa, you will be ready visit the beach in your new designer swimwear 2015

Esencia Spa

Remede Spa
The third spa to visit is the Remede Spa at the Saint Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. Enjoy experiencing a 24-Karat Gold Massage. This royal treatment involves scrubbing your body with golden sugar and massaging you with 24-karat shimmered oil. Imagine how amazing you will feel when you lay down by the pool side in your reversible swimwear after this experience!

Remede Spa

Kuo Spa Coffee Plantation
The Kuo Spa Coffee Plantation at the Marriott in Costa Rica allows you to have an out of body experience with a scented hydrotherapy massage treatment in the spa’s Jacuzzi. You can wear your Maaji swimsuiwhile you relax in this outdoor tub and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Kuo Spa

Venus Spa
The final spa that you do not want to miss is the Venus Spa at CuisinArt Golf Resort in Anguilla. Rejuvenate your whole body while you float in the spa’s healing waters. The healing pool is full of salts and minerals to provide with an intense exfoliation and healing experience. Enjoy putting on your triangle top swimwear while getting a relaxing massage when floating in the pool.

Venus & Cuisinard Spa

Taking advantage of the many massage opportunities at each of these relaxing spas can help to improve your mental outlook, reduce stress and tension, promote a better state of mind, and restore energy levels. Visit one of these five locations to help improve your health and well-being this summer!

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