Brazilian Swimwear

March 10, 2017

If the boring, unflattering swimsuits you used to wear in high school gym class are at one end of the spectrum, Brazilian swimwear is at the other.  Brazilian designs can take a solid color, one-piece swimsuit and make it look glamorous.  While many people think of Brazilian swimwear as bathing suit designs that emphasize style over substance, our Brazilian swimwear inventory contains suits that are designed with active swimmers in mind.  Of course, we also have plenty of designs that are made for lounging on the beach at Copacabana or anywhere else your travels take you, as well.

Brazilian swimwear

What Is A Brazilian Bikini?

Of course, Brazil, with its long coastline and many beaches, has been home to many different swimwear fashions over the decades, but when people talk about Brazilian swimwear, and they are not referring specifically to swimsuits designed by designers in Brazil, they are usually referring to a style of bathing suit bottom called the Brazilian bikini. 

A Brazilian cut swimsuit bottom is more revealing than a traditional bikini (which covers as much skin as a pair of briefs underwear) and a thong (which covers virtually nothing from the back).  In the 1970s, the term “Brazilian swimwear” and “Brazilian bikini” referred to thong swimsuits, but by the end of the 1990s, when the “Thong Song” could be heard on radio stations across the world, it was plain to see that the thong was no longer exclusive to Brazil and its beaches.  These days, a Brazilian cut swimsuit is about half as revealing as a thong and is also called a “V-cut” swimsuit.  You can find bathing suits of this style as both two-piece and one-piece suits.

Why Choose Brazilian Swimwear?

Contemporary Brazilian swimwear is much more practical and comfortable than thong swimwear, and some people consider it more flattering than the thong style.  Whereas thing swimwear is just for sunbathing, a Brazilian cut swimsuit is equally well suited to sunbathing and swimming.  Some wearers of Brazilian swimwear even choose it because they find it more flattering than a traditional swimsuit cut, whether a one piece or a two piece.  Brazilian-style bikini bottoms tend to have a lower waistline than traditional bikini bottoms.  Some people find lower waistbands more comfortable, and some prefer them because they will not give you a tan line right above your belly button. 

Whatever your reason for choosing a Brazilian-style swimsuit, we have Brazilian swimwear on our site to suit your tastes.

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