About Us

Born and raised close to the warm and clear waters of the Caribbean, we got used to going to the beach as often as we could. Along with the beach culture, our passion for fashion made us meet people that, like us, enjoyed a sophisticated and fresh style.
Swimme boutique was born of following our passion for finding the best and most beautiful designs and combining them for providing a harmonic look that glorifies the woman's body. The design selection and accessories pairings are inspired from the Caribbean, where women go to enjoy the sun, live, culture and colors. At Swimme we strive to give you the best look for your trips to the lake, the beach, or simply to enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool.
We focus on finding new talent and fresh designs and for that reason we also carry the smaller, less mainstream name brands created by new designers from all over the world, supporting their growth in the US market.
Giving back is also a big part of our philosophy, for that reason, Swimme partnered with the “El Buen Coser”, a small cooperative created by entrepreneurial women from one of the poorest “favelas” in Latin America.