saha designer guide

Saha was founded in Colombia in 2006 by Monica Echeverri. She has been always interested in fashion and started creating her own designs with a personal touch. Later she started selling them to friends and family and the rest is history.
Saha proposes a reinterpretation of the world fashion trends to create pieces that combine textures, materials and details in a balanced fashion. A combination of unexpected prints balanced using clean and innovative silhouettes that adapts to the woman’s body naturally.
Feminine, fresh and nostalgic that is the Saha woman who wants to feel and look great!
During this creative process, Saha’s name was chosen because of its meaning, “an eastern expression which exalts beauty”. Working on this significance and the previously identified needs, they started developing Saha based on life styles and concepts such as nature, yoga, meditation, health and romanticism; targeting a natural woman with real needs, searching for comfort and balance in details and design.